Monday, November 8, 2010

velocx and gopher gallop cx

3rd on Saturday, behind Adam and Jordan. 2nd to Doug on Sunday, Eppen 3rd. Here's some pics from the Gopher Gallop on Sunday (some by Josh of Angry Catfishery, some by Tim Gut, fellow fishery teamate).


Starting the second lap.

Taking a bad line though the sand to avoid Eppen after he plowed into the pile on the right of the photo.

A short but steep (and rough) climb.

This is a little climb right after a very tricky, off camber corner.

Top of a somewhat steep climb out of the woods. On the last lap, Doug made his move here. My gaurd was down as I didn't think he would attemp a pass in the single track.

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  1. I watched Eppen and McConnell race in Des Moines two weekends back. Those boys are insanely strong. Nice work.