Monday, October 25, 2010

Green Acres CX

The run up during the cat 3 race. Barry Tungseth was the only one who was able to ride it all the way to the top.

My Team-mate, Owen, making his way through the mud at the front of the 3 race.

Me and the birthday-boy, Pat, who went on to take the win for the day.

I ended up 4th behind Pat, Adam, and Tuftoy. After lap two, Pat and Adam were gone. I was left yo-yoing off Tuftoy, and when I struck a pedal (I have to stop doing that) he got away. I tried to get back for a few laps, but he was too strong. If the race were a few laps longer, I bet he would have caught the leaders. I was just trying not to get caught by Fisher and Cj, who were charging for me about 20 seconds back.

Check out this 45+ rider trying to make it up the climb with half a handlebar.

Photos by Tim Gut.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Big Ring Flyers CX

I took my first CX win this weekend! Got the holeshot and maintained about a 15 to 20 second gap for the rest of the race, which consisted of about a million 180 turns, two longer power sections, a really bumpy section, and zero hills. All the turns made the tempo really punchy, which suited me well. The single barrier that I was able to hop was also in my favor. All those years of BMX are really paying off.

The new bike, a Focus Mares 2 carbon, is awesome. Super stiff. You stand up on the pedals and all your power goes to the rear wheel. And the robust fork, while contributing to front-end stiffness, doesn't allow even a hint of brake shudder. The Rapha CX kits are pretty sweet too, and warm. You wont find a better chamois. Chamwow!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

2010 Wirth Classic CX - Mens Cat 1/2, 35+

Vid from Wirth by Skinnyski

Crossotober and Wirth

Two races last weekend. Two very different races. Saturday I pulled off 4th on a flat, power course. It was the kind of course that when I went down in an off camber corner I couldn't catch back on to the lead group, and spent the remainder--about half--all alone and in the dark. That's right. It was a night race, sort of. The course was deceptively boring, but I guess it's more "euro" so that makes it cool. Nevertheless, it made for a close and exciting race.

A lot of roadies seem to get all worked up about courses that might, just might, slightly lean toward a mountainbiker's favor. That was Theo Wirth, although it's not at all mountain bike course as many were claiming. After Pat ate shit, which you can watch on, I took over the lead. I kept the pace high enough that only Bergman was on my wheel after a few laps. With one to go, Bergman pulled in front and took off. I have to learn to be more aggressive. Earlier in the race, I could feel he was slipping off in the technical sections, but I used that time to rest instead of attacking.

I have to go to school now. Practice cross race in St Louis Park tonight, then homework induced rest is on the schedule.