Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Crossotober and Wirth

Two races last weekend. Two very different races. Saturday I pulled off 4th on a flat, power course. It was the kind of course that when I went down in an off camber corner I couldn't catch back on to the lead group, and spent the remainder--about half--all alone and in the dark. That's right. It was a night race, sort of. The course was deceptively boring, but I guess it's more "euro" so that makes it cool. Nevertheless, it made for a close and exciting race.

A lot of roadies seem to get all worked up about courses that might, just might, slightly lean toward a mountainbiker's favor. That was Theo Wirth, although it's not at all mountain bike course as many were claiming. After Pat ate shit, which you can watch on skinnyski.com, I took over the lead. I kept the pace high enough that only Bergman was on my wheel after a few laps. With one to go, Bergman pulled in front and took off. I have to learn to be more aggressive. Earlier in the race, I could feel he was slipping off in the technical sections, but I used that time to rest instead of attacking.

I have to go to school now. Practice cross race in St Louis Park tonight, then homework induced rest is on the schedule.

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