Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Eligible for an Upgrade

Electrical tape replaces a long gone battery cover.

They say it's time. Two years only and they send me a letter saying it's time to toss out the old phone and get a new one for 49.99 after mail-in rebate So what if the screen is a little scratched. And so what if I am one of those people who walk around outside with the phone an inch from my eyeballs, one hand shielding the sunlight as I read a text that says: omg I just saw an old fat guy jogging in track shorts wo a shirt on... total barf. I like being that guy--not the fat and running one--but the one who walks around slowly without knowing whats in front of him. If I looked up I might see that fat guy, shirtless and pale as the full moon, the rise and fall.

Nokia doesn't mean anything to you, but it does to me.
A makeshift bottle opener