Monday, October 25, 2010

Green Acres CX

The run up during the cat 3 race. Barry Tungseth was the only one who was able to ride it all the way to the top.

My Team-mate, Owen, making his way through the mud at the front of the 3 race.

Me and the birthday-boy, Pat, who went on to take the win for the day.

I ended up 4th behind Pat, Adam, and Tuftoy. After lap two, Pat and Adam were gone. I was left yo-yoing off Tuftoy, and when I struck a pedal (I have to stop doing that) he got away. I tried to get back for a few laps, but he was too strong. If the race were a few laps longer, I bet he would have caught the leaders. I was just trying not to get caught by Fisher and Cj, who were charging for me about 20 seconds back.

Check out this 45+ rider trying to make it up the climb with half a handlebar.

Photos by Tim Gut.

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