Monday, October 18, 2010

Big Ring Flyers CX

I took my first CX win this weekend! Got the holeshot and maintained about a 15 to 20 second gap for the rest of the race, which consisted of about a million 180 turns, two longer power sections, a really bumpy section, and zero hills. All the turns made the tempo really punchy, which suited me well. The single barrier that I was able to hop was also in my favor. All those years of BMX are really paying off.

The new bike, a Focus Mares 2 carbon, is awesome. Super stiff. You stand up on the pedals and all your power goes to the rear wheel. And the robust fork, while contributing to front-end stiffness, doesn't allow even a hint of brake shudder. The Rapha CX kits are pretty sweet too, and warm. You wont find a better chamois. Chamwow!


  1. Badass win, dude. Good work, nice bike.

  2. Nice job Code man! I just saw the pic of you bunny hopping on skinnyski!