Sunday, November 14, 2010

MN State Cyclocross Championship

Conditions were great at state cross this weekend--heavy snow and mud. A lot of guys who ride on the road most the year surprised me with their bike skills, Jordan especially. That kid is going to be untouchable in a few years. As for me, I finished 6th overall, not the result I was hoping for, but like I said a lot of guys were surprisingly adept in the slick stuff. Marko Lalonde showed up and Adam Bergman gave the mountain biker a run for his money--well there wasn't actually any prize money involved for this race, just prestige. The Ukrainian national road champion--or something like that--showed up, but wasn't much of a factor in the race. Doug had a good ride, coming in 3rd. Then it was Jordo, who had a horrible start but somehow worked his way up there. Josh Roser killed it for the 35+. He could only get one pedal clipped in. I finished right behind him.

I wish I could make it to the Zac Dap today, but I pulled calf muscle during the running start yesterday, and now I can hardly walk. Hopefully it comes around for Jingle Cross.

Limping my way up the stairs. Check out the gloves. $4.95 at Menards!

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  1. Cool gloves!! I always try to find my fall/winter riding gloves at Fleet Farm/Menards. It's crazy to spend 40 bucks on the same thing from a LBS. They wear out or get lost all too soon.