Friday, September 10, 2010


Today Rawland Cycles announced the Snekka as a concept design. After several days of input from the public, it is a 700c, canti bike made of quality, light weight steel tubing. Up for discussion today on the blog (link here) is geometry. Sean, owner of Rawland, has posted preliminary geometry as a starting point. As it stands, this looks to be a great bike for Gravel road riding and racing, as it will be a bit more stable than the common Cyclocross bikes that most people use for these events, which are not designed for descending at 40 mph down loose, rocky gravel. I like the way this design is going. Maybe next year I'll be on one of these as I ride in a 350 mile loop around Iowa.

Time for a run. A run with a bike on my back. And up a hill. Over and over and over.

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