Monday, August 23, 2010

Hawk Chase

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Last Sunday was the Hawk Chase in Duluth, a new stop this year for the mn mtb series. Once again it was a race which left the bike decorated in mud. There were only a few really muddy spots. But it was the kind of sticky, clay mud that warrants the use of a mud tire, which I didn't bring with. I was running the semi slick Bontrager 29.0s. Needless to say I was sliding around a lot. Anyways, off the start it was Doug, Brendan, Erik Tonkin, Sam, Skj, and myself. Doug lead in the single track for the first lap then let everyone by. Sam moved up into the lead. But we were all still a group for a while. I knew there was going to be a break in the pack coming soon, and I wanted to go with it so I got around Scott. A little while later I went down in a slick corner. Scott went by but I caught back up. Then the three in front road away from Scott and I. I decided to hang behind Scott since he was riding awesome in the mud, picking great lines through the slick rocks, roots, and bridges. Each time we came to mud he just road right through like nothing, leaving me chasing on foot. When I'd finally get back on the bike I'd have to chase for a minute or so just to catch back up. On the last lap, though, he insisted I go on ahead. I told him it wouldn't be fair to pass him now after all the work he did, but he gave me the go ahead, and I went ahead. I finished 3rd behind Tonkin then Sam. Brendan flatted at some point. After awards (all the prize money going straight to the gas station), Kayla and I hit the road on a trip plagued by road construction and the entire population of the greater twin cities coming home from the cabin all at the same time. 5 hours later we were home, and I was already thinking about the upcoming 24 hours of Afton. See you there!

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